Our Mission

Institute of Neurodevelopment ensures that children with special needs are not prevented from reaching their full potential and are given every opportunity to learn, grow and live meaningful and fulfilling lives. To do. As a team, we strive to provide our unique children with a loving, empathetic and familial learning environment, by empowering parents through guidance and support in their parenting journey, and last but not least as a matter of fact, we aim to achieve this by spreading awareness and creating an environment in society. To bring acceptance, love and equality to all.

You’ll find a team dedicated to improving your child’s life and the life of your family. Our goal is to equip you with the skills necessary to teach your child in any environment you encounter.

IND provides top quality medical supportive therapy for children of all ages with autism and developmental/language delays in Kolkata.

Since IND’s inception, IND’s core values ​​have been that diversity is power and that all people with ASD and their families thrive with the best scientific guidance in clinical practice. Please share our vision, commitment and passion for the work we are all doing to create a more inclusive and fulfilling future for our families, friends, colleagues and neighbours with ASD.

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