Our Services

Doctor consultation
1:1 Doctor Consultation

Experience and be guided by our founder both over video call or in a face to face meeting at the clinic.

Therapy Class
Therapy Classes

We work on a well curated program details and assess your child's progress over the program. Academic and behaviour management details, Language and communication development class, developmental delay issues like - pre-vocational training, speech, etc.

Training Program For Parents
Training Program For Parents

To see and carry forward the training of our special Educators, physical therapists, Psychologists and doctor, parents are trained to communicate, understand and handle their child better than before.

Socializing for kids

Many of the children who come to us require socialization in controlled and supervised environment of other children to make them ready, confident for the outside world. This makes our super smart parents comfortable when taking their child out in social gatherings and holidays.

Learning Material
Teaching Learning Materials

We have in-house sales for equipments, special toys, learning materials for children. We have learning materials for parents also.

ISO Quality Certification
ISO Certification on Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2015 is a global standard for quality management systems that helps organizations meet customer and regulatory expectations. This is to assure we achieve customer expectation in quality service delivery.

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Everything under 1 Roof
Everything under one roof

We are providing an one stop solution where you get doctor, service, assessment from Special educators and psychologists, therapy classes, etc.

Apollo 24X7
Apollo 24|7 Tieup

We are Partners with Apollo 24X7 Clinic chain. Any insurance benefits, concessions that comes along with Apollo 24|7 branding will be passed on to you.

Home Based Services
Home Based Service Delivery

We have Special educators who can deliver 1:1 coaching at your home, or via video call without compromising on service delivery quality

Services in your Local Pre Schools
Local Pre School Tie ups

We are in tie-ups with your local pre-schools, schools, contact us to know which of your local preschool is providing our services on the school premises.

Custom Program Bundle
Custom Program Bundle

Every child's need is unique so is their parents availability, financial position. We take all these factors into consideration and deliver a valuable service in cost efficient manner.

Qualified And Customer Oriented Staff
Qualified And Customer Oriented Staff

Our field of activity requires specialized service providers we align them in more more customer centric way with further training and curated training materials and supporting infrastructure.

Community and Ecosystem
Win-Win-Win in an Inclusive Ecosystem

We are not limited to delivery of certain services. We are in a mission to create an inclusive ecosystem where our future generation wins, their parents' win, our traditional school system wins and lastly we win.

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